Did you take the Partners' New Year's resolution for 2013?

Partners Post, January 2013

Let's resolve to take action and speak out in support of investments in our public schools.

We invite you to make a resolution to speak up for Pennsylvania's children and public education in 2013. Let's resolve to work together to improve the lives of all of Pennsylvania's children by fighting for meaningful programs, smart policies and solutions that work.

Together, as Partners for Public Education, we can make a difference for our children. Yes, we can do it, if we work together, sincerely, consistently, and tirelessly. This is about our children and their futures, so, let's resolve to make the difference in 2013.

2013 Resolution: Be an advocate. If you've ever tried to lose weight, pay down your debt, or made any other resolution, you know making an important change is a challenging process that requires time, energy, and passion. Simply wishing for a different outcome, hoping for positive change, or assuming someone else will do the necessary work is not enough. Success requires honoring a commitment, active involvement, and following through. By joining as a Partner for Public Education, you've already made a commitment; together let's resolve to make 2013 the year our efforts make the genuine difference for our children.

Pledge today to advocate for public schools in the coming year.

Try Tested and New Techniques. Our commitment is sincere, our goals are worthy, and we must do the work. That's why we'll be writing letters to the Governor, contacting legislators, making calls, and sending emails. Together, we'll be speaking up and speaking out. We'll write letters to the editor, attend events, and participate in activities for positive change. We'll share information and ideas to move forward and fight the negative forces, all because Partners care about children and public schools.

Enlist Others. Sharing information and calling on others to not only support the cause but to join in are all a part of achieving results. To be successful we must expand our reach and bring others along as we work for positive change. Talk to your family and friends; recruit others to join PPE(link), and remind them to take action. And follow up to make sure that they've joined the network of Partners for Public Education.

Stay Motivated. Among the best techniques for motivation is to be a part of a vibrant, active network of like-minded individuals, who recognize the worthwhile benefits of our chosen efforts. PPE is an essential catalyst for positive change; an organization that will share stories of success, ideas, techniques, resources, and opportunities as we work together to speak up as advocates for children and public education.

Public education is a public good. Our children deserve our hard work and fervent advocacy. As Partners for Public Education, we resolve, in 2013, to make our strong and united voices heard as we speak up for our children, their futures, and public education! 





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