Let's increase investments in public schools

Partners Post, January 2013

In a few days, Gov. Tom Corbett will release his proposal for Pennsylvania's 2013-14 state budget. The state budget includes critical funding for Pennsylvania's public schools.

State legislators will begin debating the budget right away, working toward a deadline of passing the budget by June 30.

While legislators debate the level of state funding for school districts, school boards will make increasingly difficult decisions about how to meet students' education needs. The nearly $1 billion in state funding cuts over the last two years forced districts' decisions to cut valuable programs that help students succeed in today's global economy. These cuts are not in the best interests of Pennsylvania's students; they risk the future of our children. To see the specific impact of funding cuts on your district, see PSEA's school funding calculator.

A research report released last year, Sounding the Alarm, indicates that the school funding crisis will continue to worsen unless funding is restored. That's why Pennsylvania, parents, students, teachers, school employees, and families are paying attention to the state and local debate that will unfold during the next several months, and speaking up for students.

It's more important than ever to join together to fight for positive change. Through Partners for Public Education, you can access a wide range of facts and research about our schools and programs that help students achieve. Please watch for more information about how you can speak up for schools and students.  




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