Money matters in education - 4 facts you need to know

As people who care about the quality of our public schools and the students who learn in them, we know our public schools are worthy of adequate resources. And our neighbors agree. A recent poll showed that nearly two-thirds of Pennsylvanians who know about state budget cuts say the cuts have gone too far. 

As we speak up in support of restoring funds for schools, it's good to know that research substantiates the critical link between funding and academic achievement, especially when the investments are used to reduce class sizes. 

Here are four key facts advocates need to know:

1. Smaller classes allow teachers to individualize instruction and effectively address student learning problems.

2. Every $1 invested in class size yields about $2 in economic benefits.

3. Small class sizes are not just good for students: They are cost-effective, good for communities and good for the Commonwealth. Reducing class sizes in elementary grades can result in a net savings to society of almost $170,000 per high school graduate. For low-income students, the savings per graduate are more than $195,000.

4. When individuals are educated, there is a decreased need or reliance on other public services such as drug treatment, corrections, subsidized health care, and income assistance.

The facts are clear. We must speak up and tell our state legislators to restore funding lost by the massive, unprecedented cuts to education. Share the facts with your neighbors and friends so they can join Partners for Public Education in our worthy cause. 






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