Student artists exhibit their work at local art museum

Partners Post, November 2014

Every year, art teacher Connie Calvanese takes a student group from Garrettford Elementary School in Upper Darby to visit the nearby Brandywine River Museum of Art.

This year, students are doing more than visiting the museum; they are exhibiting their artwork.

Garrettford Elementary ArtBrandywine invited Garrettford Elementary fifth-graders to display their art projects at the museum. The creative projects, inspired by the museum's collection of landscapes and the surrounding region, are on display in the Imagine Brandywine Exhibition Space now through Jan. 4, 2015.

Garrettford Elementary has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Brandywine River Museum. The museum provides grants to help pay admission and transportation to the museum every year for the school's fourth-grade students.

"Every student had their artwork framed and on display at the exhibit," Calvanese said in a video about the project. "When they walked down and saw their pictures in frames and everything, a couple students said, 'My art was in a museum! My art was on display at a museum!'"

"Always, always be creative," Calvanese said, summing up a key lesson she tries to impart to students. "Think for yourself, come up with your own ideas, come up with new ways to show the colors you like, the picture that you want to express yourself. Just always be creative."

Watch the video.

Connie Calvanese Video


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