Music and arts enhance learning for students

Partners Post, March 2015

Art ClassMusic and the arts are a critical part of a well-rounded education. Not only do the arts introduce creativity and innovative thinking into day-to-day learning, they also have been found to increase students' social and emotional skills and competencies, including teamwork, confidence, communication, and leadership.

Unfortunately, deep state funding cuts and a heavy focus on high-stakes assessments have come at the expense of subjects like art and music in some Pennsylvania schools. That may be a big mistake because the study of music, drama, and the visual arts can improve students' overall academic achievement.

Researchers have found correlations, and in some cases causal relationships, between the study of the arts (including music and dance) and increases in academic achievement, standardized assessment and SAT scores, creative thinking, school engagement, motivation to learn, and problem-solving skills. Read more about the value of arts education in Solutions that Work, a set of education policy recommendations that are research-based and classroom-proven.

March is a month we set aside to celebrate music, theater, and the creative arts in our schools. In that spirit, this issue of Partners Post is dedicated to the value of arts and music in the classroom:



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