The most important meal of the day

Partners Post, March 2016

Students in 18 states, including Pennsylvania, are starting the day with a healthy morning meal in the classroom, thanks to a partnership of national education and nutrition organizations.

The Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom developed the in-classroom program as an alternative to the federal breakfast program served in a school's cafeteria.

Partners for Breakfast in the ClassroomWhy? Because educators found that many students eligible for the federal breakfast program weren't participating because of bus schedules, late arrivals, or a reluctance to be viewed as "low income." With Breakfast in the Classroom, a healthy morning meal is provided to every child in a high-need school district no matter the family's income level, making it possible for all children to eat together.

In March, the nation celebrates the vital role schools play by providing healthy breakfasts to students. Studies have found that students who eat breakfast have lower rates of absenteeism and tardiness, need less attention from school nurses, and are less likely to have disciplinary, behavioral, or psychological problems.

Parents and educators understand that breakfast is critical to learning and good health. That's why they are praising Breakfast in the Classroom. Learn more about this great program at


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