There's nothing to do … are you kidding?

Sometimes you can send kids outside to play, and that's that. Sometimes, you hear those dreaded four words: "There's nothing to do."

Your response? "Sure there is. And here are a few ideas."

  • Set up an obstacle course with boxes, tree stumps, old tires, whatever you can find. Then have fun making your way through it.
  • Take out a parachute or old sheet and have fun, making waves with it, shaking it, or bouncing soft balls on it.
  • Play some music and let kids have a backyard dance party.
  • Blow and chase bubbles.
  • Play catch or hide and seek.
  • Try "water painting." Get a bucket of water and some paintbrushes and "paint" the side of your house or shed.
  • Or invent your own game.


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