Bring good questions to parent-teacher conferences

October 2017

During the next month, many parents and guardians will sit down for one-on-one meetings with their children's teachers.

Take the opportunity to get valuable insights into your child's strengths and the areas needing improvement. This is also your chance to share details about your child with the teacher — how do they learn best, what motivates them, what are their strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some questions you may want to ask during parent-teacher conferences — suggested by Pennsylvania school professionals.

Understanding your child in the classroom

  • How does my child adapt to classroom situations?
  • What does my child love about school?
  • Share with me something my child did that was kind.

Academic progress

  • What are my child's strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is my child working at grade level and to her full potential?
  • In what area does my child need improvement?

Helping your child succeed

  • What can I do at home to support my child's education?
  • What can I, as a parent, do at home to support you as an educator?
  • What resources can I use at home to help my child succeed?
  • How can I reinforce math and reading skills at home?
  • How can I establish a good homework routine at home?

Friendships and social interactions

  • Does my child have friends?
  • Does my child get along well with his peers?
  • Is my child being social and nice?
  • Are there any concerns I should have?

Character, behavior, and discipline

  • How is my child's character in class?
  • How is my child behaving in class?
  • What are your strategies/behavior when a child is out of line or somewhat uncontrollable?
  • What available psychological resources does your school provide?


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