North Star cafeteria workers fed kids over the summer

North Star ESP

Cafeteria workers in the North Star School District are so dedicated to meeting the needs of the children in their community that they kept it up all summer long.

Several volunteered their time in July and August with Helping Hands Food Pantry in Somerset County. Every Thursday throughout the summer, the food pantry offers free lunches for children.

"We live in this community, and we know these kids," North Star Education Support Professionals president Denise Gavel said. "We know sometimes the only good meal they get is when they're at school. So during the summer, it just made sense for us as cafeteria workers to partner with our local food bank and continue caring for our kids even when school is out."

The North Star volunteers spent mornings packing bags of food for the children to take home and served lunch to children who visited six food pantry locations throughout the county. 

In mid-August, they sent students home with book bags filled with school supplies, bookmarks, and invitations to sign up for Partners for Public Education. They also presented a $5,000 check from PSEA and Partners for Public Education to the food pantry to support families in need.


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