Celebrating the men and women who help our children succeed

They are often the first school employees to greet your children each morning and the last to see them off at the end of the day.

Across Pennsylvania, tens of thousands of education support professionals — classroom aides, office staffs, cafeteria employees, bus drivers, building maintenance staffs, and many others — work to make our schools run smoothly.

As part of American Education Week, Nov. 16 is Education Support Professionals Day. We recently talked with some of Pennsylvania's support professionals about what they do every day. Here are some of their stories.

Cindy Lawn

"I worked for years as a small business owner. When I decided I needed a career change, I looked for new opportunities that allowed me to spend more time with my kids. Now, I love working with teenagers. They are right on the cusp of doing incredible things with their lives, but issues that lie beneath the surface can hold them back. Years ago, I had a student who struggled with depression and isolated herself from her peers. Working with her, I watched her come out of her shell and overcome her depression. She recently graduated from nursing school. It's amazing to watch my students go on to achieve great personal success and feel like I've been a part of something so positive."

  • Cindy Lawn, president, Council Rock ESP and instructional assistant, emotional support in Council Rock School District

Dwayne MacArthur

"I work in the school district where I grew up. Initially, I was recruited to help coach track and field and pursued other jobs in the district to support my family. As in-school suspension supervisor, I work to help students get on the right track in school and in life. It's incredibly rewarding. I recently ran into a former student whose career allows him to help other people find their own path. He told me I was one of the only people in his life who made him feel like he was better than his actions."

  • Dwayne McCarthur, Susquehanna Township ESP


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