The professionals in your school are here to help kids with anxiety


Public schools work closely with parents and families of students with anxiety. There are several professionals who can help, including school counselors, school nurses, school social workers, school psychologists, administrators, and teachers.

In some cases, parents and the student will meet with educators, school counselors, school nurses, and administrators to develop what is known as a 504 Plan.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination against students with disabilities. A 504 Plan outlines how a school will meet the specific needs of a student by making accommodations and modifications and providing other services.

A 504 Plan is intended for students with a documented medical condition. If your student were suffering from excessive anxiety, you would need a script from a doctor to begin the 504 process.

Talk to your student's teacher, school counselor, or school nurse if you have any questions about 504 Plans.

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