In their own words: How school professionals can help kids with anxiety

We asked experts who work in Pennsylvania's public schools how school professionals can help children with anxiety. Here are their thoughts in their own words:

"School counselors can work with students on helpful techniques like positive self-talk, realistic thinking, and problem-solving. Counselors and teachers can help provide encouragement and accommodations for students during stressful situations."

– Rosary Pennington, school counselor

"The school nurse may notice the frequency of student nurse visits for symptoms related to the anxiety that are manifested in physical symptoms, such as stomachaches, headaches, and difficulty breathing."

– Charlene Koretz, school nurse

"As a school nurse, I can offer support in assisting students with their coping skills when anxious (deep breathing, relaxation techniques), providing a safe space for them, delivering their prescribed medication regime, assisting/supporting them in self-managing their condition…"

– Judith Morgitan, school nurse

"For me, I've had several students who just needed that friendly face at the door to give them a moment to get in the building. So, they might come in my office; we might have a little conversation."

– Mary Benischeck, school counselor

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