Call in the Breakfast Brigade

March is National Nutrition Month, a good time to remember just how important healthy eating is to student learning.

Breakfast is a big part of that equation, and that's why so many Pennsylvania public schools provide students with a healthy morning meal to start the day.

One resource for school districts with breakfast programs is Project PA's Breakfast Brigade. The Breakfast Brigade connects Pennsylvania school districts that are starting new school breakfast programs or expanding existing ones with school food service directors who can provide free training and assistance.

Erie Schools - Breakfast in the Classroom

Dave Lloyd is a former food service director for the Harrisburg School District and a team member with the Breakfast Brigade. He saw firsthand during his years in the Harrisburg schools how important breakfast is for students to learn and excel.

"The nurses would ask me for snacks and juice because they were getting many visits midmorning from these children who were hungry and didn't have breakfast," Lloyd said. "They couldn't learn because they didn't have breakfast."

Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed an increase of $2 million for school breakfast in his 2017-18 state budget. That investment will draw down $20 million in federal funds. If it is passed, this initiative would help more schools adopt and expand programs that work, like breakfast after the bell, breakfast in the classroom, and grab-and-go models. That could mean the Breakfast Brigade will be getting a lot more calls from school districts across Pennsylvania.

Take a moment to urge your lawmakers to support the governor's school breakfast initiative.



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