A bipartisan overhaul of testing

High-stake standardized testing

A package of five testing reform bills based on research and policy ideas developed by the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) has been introduced in the PA General Assembly.

One bill would prevent the state from making the Keystone Exams a graduation requirement, instead leaving it up to school boards to decide the academic impact of Keystone Exams on their students, including whether it would be a graduation requirement..

The other bills would require that test results only be used to comply with federal law, set the PSSA testing timeline later in the year, prevent schools from purchasing tests that don't help to improve instructional practice, and allow parents more leeway to opt students out of testing.

PSEA President Jerry Oleksiak said the bills help address the concern that high-stakes testing is interfering with classroom learning.

"Tests are just one way to look at how a child is doing in school, and it's a snapshot," Oleksiak said. "It's not going to give you a full picture of how well the student's doing, how effective the teacher is, or how good the school is doing."

Learn more about the reform bills at www.psea.org/testing.


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