The great outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Go play outside.

How often do you say those words during the summer? Whatever your motivation, sending kids outside to play is good for their physical well-being as well as their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

When kids play outside, they run, jump, and leap; they throw and catch balls; they push swings, pull wagons, and dig in the sandbox. All these activities allow kids to develop motor skills and burn calories, preventing obesity and reducing risk factors for heart disease.

Outside, kids can be autonomous and creative, using their imaginations to invent new games and adventures. Playing outside also allows kids to develop their vocabulary, communications skills, math skills, and social skills. And along the way, they begin to appreciate the great outdoors.

Your children work hard all year in school, in after-school and extracurricular activities, and at the dining room table toiling away at homework. Summer is a time for kids to be kids — to go outside, have some fun, play, run, and be free.


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