Tech in gym class

Heart Monitor

Too often, tablets, smartphones, and other devices keep kids inside and inactive, but the right technology can allow kids to be their own personal trainers.

Physical education teachers at Parker Middle School in the General McLane School District start each gym class off by handing out wrist monitors that allow students to track their heart rates and calories burned during an activity. Kids work hard to get their wrist monitors to turn red, indicating that they have reached 80 percent of their maximum heart rates. The data collected can be tracked and even emailed home to parents.

"The main lesson is to be physically active for a lifetime," Michelle Carter of Shape America, the Society of Health and Physical Educators, told the Erie Times-News earlier this year.

"It pushes us, it's like a challenge," seventh-grader Ellen Cunningham said. "I've gotten to the red zone, which is 180 (beats per minute)."


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