Tired of the same books?

September 2017

When it comes to books for young readers, there are many titles that everyone knows — and many more that often remain hidden treasures. Partners Post asked PA educators, support professionals, and student educators to recommend great titles that may be new to you and your young readers. Here are some of their suggestions:

Early readers

"A Frog in the Bog"
by Karma Wilson (author) and Joan Rankin (illustrator)

- Recommended by Shila Cramer, high school science teacher, Agora Cyber Education Association

"The Magic Fish"
by Freya Littledale (author) and Winslow Pinney Pels (illustrator)

- Recommended by Christy Rehm, English teacher and curriculum leader, Conewago Valley Education Association

"Kiki Koki" by Ed Rodriguez

- Recommended by Richard Priebe, Spanish teacher, Forest City Regional Education Association

Elementary readers

"The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm"
by LeVar Burton (author), Susan Schaefer Bernardo (author), and Courtenay Fletcher (illustrator)

- Recommended by Julianne Lowenstein, Albright College student

"The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales"
by Jon Scieszka (author) and Lane Smith (illustrator)

- Recommended by Alana Jones, paraprofessional, Pottsville Area Education Support Professionals Association

"The Wump World" by Bill Peet

- Recommended by Erin Corrigan, second-grade teacher, Central Bucks Education Association

Young adult readers

"The Shawl" by Cynthia Ozick

- Recommended by Kim Freese, high school special education teacher, West Chester Area Education Association

"Beautiful Joe" by Margaret Marshall Saunders

- Recommended by Jolene Hough, teacher, Brownsville Education Association

"Saffy's Angel" by Hilary McKay

- Recommended by Jannette Vegas, third-grade teacher, Erie City Education Association

Find more recommendations and reading resources at www.partnersforpubliced.org/Reading.


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